I have one rule that ranks head-and-shoulders above all of my other lifestyle rules. My ultimate rule…..”Never, Never, Never make generalizations”.

When you make a generalization you leave no room for the exceptions to the rule and there always are exceptions. But here I go anyway. I am about to break my ultimate rule.

“Hollywood actors, as a group, have to be the dumbest people on the planet”. Notice that I did slip in a caveat clause – “as a group” – to soften this stinging acclamation about actors.

It must be the fact that they play all of those different movie and TV roles and live in a fantasy world that makes them compelled to comment on just about everything and everybody. Attention All Actors! Please just act and entertain us, that is all that we want from you, leave the politics for the politicians. This may come as a shock to you but reading movie scripts and Variety does not really give you a keen insight or understanding of the “real world”.

People can come to there own conclusions. Kindly keep your celebrity opinions to yourself. I don’t think we need 20-year-old starlets telling us what is good for the country or who should lead us. Attention – Hayden Panettiere