Three groups of scientists recently tested some unusual methods of improving your mental performance – memory. They swear that these tricks work. You judge for yourself !

Chew Gum
A study at the University of Northumbria in England showed that gum-chewers scored 40 % higher on memory tests. The results lead the researchers to conclude that chewing gum increases your heart rate and thus oxygen and glucose flow to the brain. Running up a flight of stairs could get your heart cranking also, but it’s easier to pop a Wrigley’s stick during an exam. Try the scientific brain training program by Lumosity. It’s fun and it improves memory and attention. Get started for free.

Have a Sugary Drink
People who drank lemonade sweetened with sugar recalled almost twice as many woods from a passage read aloud to them as did a group using saccharin. Researchers believe that learning quickly depletes the brain of its glucose reserves, so the more difficult the task, the greater the effect of sugar. A pre-test soda (not diet) or a piece of hard candy may pay you dividends. But avoid chocolate because the fat in it will negate the sugar’s alerting effect.

Put Tofu on your Salad
Isoflavones in soy foods stimulate estrogen receptors in your hippocampus (the part of the brain that stores memories). A researcher at the Centre for Neuroscience at King’s College in London showed that older women gained memory power within 12 weeks after adding soy to their diet.
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