January 2009

We are certainly in a recession and 2009 will probably be a bad year. This is the first recession in 17 years and a new experience for many young folks. People – Don’t panic it is not the end of the world. It is in fact nothing new. The simple truth is that our system, capitalism, moves in cycles of boom and bust. It is bust time in the cycle and that means recession. This is not the first recession and it won’t be the last. Politicians and the media would have you think that this is the “end of the world” and the “worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930’s” and they would be totally wrong. Those of us that are older or students of history know that they are wrong.

Let me suggest to the younger people in America to do a little historical reading about our great country and you might put yourself at ease over this current recessionary period. In a recession, many people are affected but the great majority of businesses will not fail. Remember the old adage – “glass half full” or “glass half empty”. 10 % unemployment means 90% of the workers in the country are still at work. We do need to help the 10% get back to work but panic and paranoia from our government in billions of wasted dollars will not get that 10% in lifelong meaningful jobs.

      The news broke this week that “Moravian Book Shop”, the popular downtown Bethlehem book store, is now the exclusive carrier of autographed copies of John Grogan’s best selling book “Marley & Me.
      Grogan who lives in nearby Coopersburg liked what he saw of the Moravian Book Shop on his first ever trip there so he reportedly called his agent who contacted the shop and inked the deal to become the exclusive carrier of the auto graphed copies of the book.
     Contact Moravian Book Shop, 428 Main St., Bethlehem or go online at www.moravianbookshop.com

tv1“Reality TV” at first glance seems like a mindless waste of time but on closer observation it truly is a boring, and uesless squandering of your time. Perhaps someone can explain to us the entertainment value or informative benefit of these half hour or hour long journeys into the mundane, and trivial escapades of perfect strangers who are looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

Attention TV producers, directors and anyone else in the television industry, we are begging you to bring back television of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The golden age of television that was both entertaining and informative. Please bring back the variety shows that entertained us, the comedy sitcoms that made us laugh, the westerns and adventure shows that helped us learn, and the science fiction programs that caused us to think.

Enough of reality television and the stupid antics of dull and boring strangers!

usa-map“Third World” is a label used to describe countries that are considered to be underdeveloped in terms of their economy or level of industrialization, standard of living, health, education or other criteria for “advancement”.

Some people believe that America is on a path to “Third World” status. China and India are developing rapidly by producing the very goods and services that we once produced in this country. America in 2009 is an economy that is 2/3 service oriented. We do not manufacture here any more people! Where is the steel industry that we once had? How about the garment industry? Just look at the labels on the clothing that you buy. How are the “BIG 3” American car companies doing? Where do their car sales rank compared to the Japanese and European carmakers. Industry after industry is moving off shore primarily to get cheap labor. A country that does not have a “strong” manufacturing base will not be great. History attests to this irrefutable fact.

We need to tell the politicians that we elect, at the local, state and federal level to bring jobs and manufacturing back to America. It is time that we Americans take care of ourselves first, and not worry about globalization. Globalization is building other countries up at our expense. It is time that this selling out of America STOP!