The winner of the Worst Superbowl Ad in our humble opinion has to go to the “Pepsi McGruber Super Bowl Ad”. MacGruber, from the Saturday Night Live sketches, appeared in a sixty-second spot for Pepsi that aired during Super Bowl XLIII. It featured the character drinking all the Pepsi he could get on an illegal supply ship while trying to diffuse a bomb in fifteen seconds. Though he denies that he is sponsored by the product in the commerical, he admits that he legally changed his name to “PepSuber”.

Beside the fact that this Ad was just plain stupid! What is it with all of that camera movement. Did Pepsi pay so much for the commercial that they had to use a hand held camera and get all of that shaking. What Advertising genius thinks that all of that movement adds to the drama of the commercial. It just made me want to vomit.