numbersDo you ever wonder how the government gets those numbers that they come up with?

Example: 3 to 4 million jobs saved or created by the Stimulus bill. If you are like me I am a little skeptical about any numbers coming from Washington.

Do they use a special “governmental crystal ball”? Maybe, they sure act like magicians pulling money out of a hat.

Where is the Excel spreadsheet with the individual jobs and the final totals that add up to 3 or 4 million? – Doesn’t exist

The answer is plain and simple – they make those numbers up. They are not based on any factual information. Washington does not work on factual information. Be serious! The government will guess, wag, hypothesize, and generally produces “out of thin air” numbers to justify whatever they want.

After all the Government’s Motto is “That’s why they invented Numbers, so we could manipulate them”. If you trust any of these numbers coming out of this “Stimulus” sideshow in Washington then you are ready to buy some pristine ocean front property in sunny Phoenix Arizona.