truth-liesQuestion: Can I ever hope to find the real truth in today’s world?
Answer: Yes and No (Any lawyer worth his salt loves this answer because it’s “vague” and falls into the dreaded “everything is gray” motto that lawyers live by.

One man’s truth is another man’s lie. Just look at this past election of 2008. The Republican candidate says one thing and the Democratic candidate says the opposite. Who is telling the truth? Both candidates as well as every talking head that represented them during the last election answered questions with the universally annoying phrase – “The truth of the matter is…”

Let me get this straight, some Democratic or Republican talking head, who I do not know is telling me that… “the truth of the matter is blah, blah, blah”. Wait! who in the world are you to tell me what the truth is? I don’t know you. Just tell me your version of truth and let me determine if it is true or not.

This brings me to the original question – Can I ever hope to find the real truth in today’s world? And the nebulous answer – Yes and No.

The truth of the matter is….. YES everything has a universal Truth but NO you may not find it unless you listen to both points of view intently and draw you own conclusion as to what is true. That’s the secret. Listen then judge.