Prepositions are words that express some relations to a noun, pronoun, phrase or clause, which follows it.

Adverbs are words that modify or qualify verbs.

Now that we have all of that technical stuff out of the way let’s talk about the destruction of the English language. These days, Americans are becoming lazy when it comes to speaking their own language.

Here are two prime examples, one preposition and one adverb that exemplify the growing ignorance in America of our own language. I gave the two definitions above for the benefit of all the enlightened self-absorbed graduates of our education system that either slept through grammar or just had the misfortunate to attend a school district that did not teach grammar. Hell, some of the younger teachers do not even know their grammar.

I am sure you all have heard this common preposition abomination – “I graduated college this year” WOW! The sad commentary is that a real live actual college graduate made this statement. Do any of you “A” students see the mistake? Well if not here is the correct statement. “I graduated from college this year”.

You graduate “from college”, you cannot and I repeat cannot “graduate college”. I hear this one on television, and in casual conversations with people all of the time.

Now here is the second abomination, the adverb example. “ I went to the festival today, it was so fun”. WRONG! Students do you see this blaring mistake? Yes? No? Well here is the correct sentence. “I went to the festival today, it was so much fun”.

Follow this please – “fun” is used as a noun. Everyone knows that only adjectives can modify a noun. On the other hand “so” is an adverb, which can modify an adjective. Finally “much” is the adjective in this sentence therefore “so much fun” is the correct grammar. Sorry if that is too difficult to follow but it is the one and only correct way to say that phrase in English

It’s time we take some pride in our language and try to speak it correctly.