Democratic senators Debbie Stabenow, Tom Harkin and Chuck Schumer and others are gearing up to support hearings on “radio accountability” in something called the “Fairness Doctrine”. Government legislating into law control of the programs that free radio stations can broadcast.

Let me repeat that again because it is the next big step toward “Socialism in America” – Government plans to legislate into law control of the programs free radio stations can broadcast. Government controlling the radio – If that isn’t Socialism then nothing is!

These sneaky leftist leaning democrats have the audacity to call it “Fairness”. This is a classic and premeditated misuse of the English language. When did taking away your freedom to listen to whatever you want become Fair?
That’s the plan. They want to mandate and control media (radio) programming. If they control the people’s opinion and perceptions, they remain in power forever.

Our freedom of speech, protected by the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights, is one of our most basic constitutional rights. Tell everyone, friends, family but especially your congressman and senator that you are against the “Fairness Doctrine” or anything like it.