I was talking to a teacher friend of mine the other day and asked her how she was doing. Fine she said but I’m very busy right now with teaching, preparing lesson plans, doing all of the administrative paper work required by the state and school district and volunteering to judge and coach the cheerleaders. WOW! I asked her, how is the crop of cheerleaders look this year? We’ll have about 20 and some are pretty bad but that doesn’t matter because NO one will be cut from the squad. What did you say, no cuts? That’s right no one gets cut because it’s school policy to appease some vocal parents who think everyone should get a spot on the squad regardless of their ability.

Political correctness run amuck again by parents. Heaven forbid some girls get cut from the squad because they are not particularly good at cheerleading. Let’s shield them from any failure at everything in life. We as parents don’t want to shatter their self-confidence or their inflated self-esteem.

A growing number of people in our society are adopting this philosophy of protection from failure. Bulletin to those who adhere to this philosophy, life is about success and failure! It always was and always will be. Sometimes it’s better to let your kids fail at something and find out that they are not good at everything. Failure builds character and will prepare them for the ups and downs of adulthood. A little anxiety is a good thing. Parents, you are your child’s worst enemy if you protect them from the negative side of growing up.