Hybrid Car Sales fall as gas prices fall and the economy slides.

Americans have cut back on buying cars of all types as the economy continues to slide. This slowdown is even more evident in the hybrid car category. With the decline in gas prices from the $3.50 to $4.20 range down to the current $1.75 to $1.95 range the interest in hybrid cars has also fallen.

Car Sales have collapsed as consumers refuse to pay a premium for fuel-efficient vehicles:
    • Nissan Altima Hybrid down 70%
    • Ford Escape Hybrid down 39%
    • Toyota Camry Hybrid down 58%
    • Toyota Highlander Hybrid down 65%
    • Honda Civic Hybrid down 68%

We Americans have a short memory and are very fickle. Word of warning! People don’t loose the focus to save money and become less dependent on foreign oil. The country is headed for big time inflation and another wave of higher gas prices.