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Everyone loves tomatoes. The tomato is the most commonly grown vegetable in the United States. Tomatoes require plenty of sun. As for soil, they will grow in just about anything. I recommended that you add compost and manure to anything but the wettest soil. Tomatoes do very well when planted in containers or raised beds, as soil can easily be changed or improved from year to year. Uniform watering is the key to a nice fruit. Even watering can prevent leaf-end roll, and blossom end-rot. Moisture crystals help keeps things on an even keel if you miss a day or two of watering. I can’t stress this enough: tomatoes are all about watering. You can skimp fertilizers and the rest, but if you want good tomatoes it’s about the water. So get out there enjoy spring and start your garden with some tomatoes that you will enjoy for months.

Tips on Flowers and Floral Arrangements

Make Your Own Floral Water Preservative
Try this home made recipe for a floral preservative. For an average-sized vase mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of sugar with the water. Mix thoroughly. The vinegar will slow the growth of the scum that develops on the surface of the water. The sugar will feed the flowers. You can also use a lemon-lime soda mixed into equal parts with water for a preservative. The sugar will feed the flowers, and the acid in the lemon-lime will help prevent bacteria from forming.

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If you long for spring and love anything Italian then I have the ideal escape for you. Escape from this long cold winter and go to the world famous Philadelphia Flower Show.

The classic Roman gardens and architecture of Italy inspire the 2009 weeklong Philadelphia Flower Show opening on Sunday, March 1, 2009 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

You enter the Flower Show through a palace garden with opera singers, street musicians and folk dancers. The floral displays include various themes such as a coastal resort hotel located on the Italian Riviera. Gondola on a Venetian canal or shop in Milan. Marvel at the clothing, jewels and shoes made of flowers.

Other attractions and activities include book signings, garden and culinary demonstrations, activities for the kids, and wine and cheese tastings. There is a wine and spirits shop stocked with Italian labels. Visit the large marketplace with more than a 100 booths of plants, seeds, and tool.

Show hours:
March 1 – Sunday (8 am. to 6 pm.)
March 2 – 6 Monday – Friday (10 am. to 9:30 pm.)
March 7 – Saturday (8 am. to 9:30 pm.)
March 8 – Sunday (8 am. to 6 pm.)

Tickets: $22-$28; $17, ages 17-24; $13, ages 2-6
The Philadelphia Convention Center is at 12th and Arch streets