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The Lehigh Valley is the third most populous region of Pennsylvania, following metropolitan Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Companies based in the Lehigh Valley include Air Products & Chemicals (in Trexlertown), Crayola LLC (in Easton), Buckeye Partners (in Emmaus), Just Born (in Bethlehem), Olympus Corporation USA (in Center Valley), PPL Corporation (in Allentown), and Rodale Press (in Emmaus).

The Lehigh Valley is also one of the larger areas on the east coast for the location of warehouses and distribution centers. This is due to the Lehigh Valley’s central location. Most of these distribution centers are located along the U.S. Route 22 and Interstate 78 corridors.

The Lehigh Valley is a center of post-secondary education, with seven four-year colleges and universities. These include:

Cedar Crest College (in Allentown)
DeSales University (in Center Valley)
Lafayette College (in Easton)
Lehigh University (in Bethlehem)
Moravian College (in Bethlehem)
Muhlenberg College (in Allentown)
Penn State Lehigh Valley (in Fogelsville).
==> Lehigh Valley Colleges Directory

The Allentown Art Museum, based in center city Allentown, is the Lehigh Valley’s largest museum. The museum’s collection includes more than 11,000 works of art. Lehigh University’s Zoellner Arts Center and Lafayette College’s smaller Williams Center for the Arts host a wide variety of plays, concerts and performances throughout the year.

The Lehigh Valley is home to Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, a popular amusement and water park. Located in South Whitehall Township, Dorney Park is known nationally for its elaborate roller coasters and water rides

The Lehigh Valley is served by air transportation through Lehigh Valley International Airport located in the Lehigh Valley’s Hanover Township, three miles northeast of Allentown.

Several private bus lines, including Bieber Tourways, Susquehanna Trailways and Trans-Bridge Lines, provide bus service from various Valley locations to New York City’s Port Authority Bus Terminal, Philadelphia’s Greyhound Terminal, Atlantic City’s Bus Terminal, and other regional locations.

In early 2008, Coca-Cola Park, an 8,100-seat Minor League baseball stadium, opened in east-side Allentown. The stadium hosts the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, the Philadelphia Phillies’ AAA-level International League franchise.
The Lehigh Valley also is the home of pre-season training camp for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, which is held each summer on the practice fields of Lehigh University in Bethlehem.

Radio stations based in the Lehigh Valley can be found at ==> Lehigh Valley Radio Station Directory

10. Corporate Greed – Company after company cheats the American consumer and the American worker. Just pick up the newspaper or turn on TV to get the story on the latest company caught cheating. When they cheat, we all lose.

9. Globalization – This benefits the rest of the world and adversely affects America. We are buying cheap goods from China as our balance of trade suffers. Companies move to third world countries and Americans loose jobs. Tell me who is benefiting from Globalization?

8. Service Economy – Manufacturing continues to decline in this country since it’s glory days of World War II. Back then we manufactured just about every product we use in our daily lives. As manufacturing goes overseas we get more dependent on others for our daily needs. This is not a good position to be in folks!

7. Uninformed Americans – a disinterested electorate allows all types of corrupt and incompetent politicians to gain power. We all need to pay more attention to these charlatan candidates. And there are many in both parties. They serve their special interests and not us, their constituents. We need to pay closer attention to whom we elect.

6. Individual self-absorption – Each year we get a little bit more absorbed in our hectic daily lives. Today we have a general lack of community. Common good has become secondary and suffered at the hands of excessive concern of individual wants. A country needs a common purpose or it won’t survive as a society.

5. Crudeness – we are becoming increasingly uncivil to our fellow citizens. Crude movies, attitudes, jokes etc. lead to an overall crude society. The dictionary defines crude as: not mature, rough, coarse, lacking grace, taste or refinement, rude. Are these traits to aspire to as an individual? I, for one, vote for tastefulness instead of crudeness. It doesn’t take any effort or talent to be crude.

4. Special interest groups – Politicians are selling out the country to special interest lobbyist to the detriment of the country and the general well being of the citizens. Are the politicians really working for us or a special interest group that will take good care of them? Why are so many politicians’ multi-millionaires?

3. News Media Bias. News organizations have become political advocates and no longer are the unbiased watchdogs of government and our politicians. They have an agenda and are not above manipulating the news to match their agenda. Viewer beware!

2. Political Correctness is simply an effort by some to control attitude and speech. They want to regulate how we feel, act and speak about groups, gender, age, race, religion and just about everything you could imagine. This is America. We have our freedom to speak and feel as we wish. Political correctness is control of the many by the few.

1. Too much Government – “Big Brother” government is attempting to encroach into every facet of our lives. Federal and state government feel that they know best what is good for you. Bulletin! This is one of the reasons why our ancestors left their homeland to start a new country, America, founded on freedom without all the government control of their lives.

I was talking to a teacher friend of mine the other day and asked her how she was doing. Fine she said but I’m very busy right now with teaching, preparing lesson plans, doing all of the administrative paper work required by the state and school district and volunteering to judge and coach the cheerleaders. WOW! I asked her, how is the crop of cheerleaders look this year? We’ll have about 20 and some are pretty bad but that doesn’t matter because NO one will be cut from the squad. What did you say, no cuts? That’s right no one gets cut because it’s school policy to appease some vocal parents who think everyone should get a spot on the squad regardless of their ability.

Political correctness run amuck again by parents. Heaven forbid some girls get cut from the squad because they are not particularly good at cheerleading. Let’s shield them from any failure at everything in life. We as parents don’t want to shatter their self-confidence or their inflated self-esteem.

A growing number of people in our society are adopting this philosophy of protection from failure. Bulletin to those who adhere to this philosophy, life is about success and failure! It always was and always will be. Sometimes it’s better to let your kids fail at something and find out that they are not good at everything. Failure builds character and will prepare them for the ups and downs of adulthood. A little anxiety is a good thing. Parents, you are your child’s worst enemy if you protect them from the negative side of growing up.

Survey results conducted by the American Pet Products Association estimates that Americans spent over $10.9 billion on medical care for their pets in 2008. Considering the current economic recession in the American economy this statistic is very impressive. Many veterinarians report that medical care for a family’s pet is a top concern for them regardless of what impact the cost may have on their monthly budget.

The attitude among many pet owners seems to be that they will not cut back on health care for their pets despite the current economic pressures that they are under.

Breakdown of money spent on pets for 2008 includes:
• Food – $16.9 Billion
• Veterinary care – $10.9 Billion
• Supplies and OTC medicine – $10.3 Billion
• Animal purchases – $2.1 Billion
• Pet services: grooming and boarding – $3.2 Billion

==> Pet Grooming

As a single parent with no income, Nadya Suleman could receive thousands of dollars a month in government assistance. The medical bills alone will run into millions of dollars, and it is increasingly likely that taxpayers will foot many of those bills .

Our only salvation is for Angelina Jolie to adopt the Octuplets. This is a win-win situation for Ms. Jolie and we the taxpayers. If we can believe the tabloids Ms. Jolie wants dozens of kids. The taxpayers would be saved Millions of dollars in support for endless years. Ms Jolie is very well off financially and will be able to take care of the children nicely.

question-markWhat do Politicians, Sports Athletes and School Students have in common ? Answer: They only are sorry for doing something wrong if they are caught. If they are not caught red-handed then “wrong” is OK.

Politicians like to confess by saying: “If I have offend anyone I am sorry”. What does that confession really mean? They do not even want to admit their guilt that is why they start their phony act of contrition with “IF”.

Sports Athletes fearing a big hit to their wallet when caught will often ask for forgiveness from their fans. That often works without any big pay loss because the sports fan is a forgiving soul with a season ticket.

School Students when caught will deny it to the bitter end and when all else fails blame it on some other student.

Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2009 is rapidly approaching guys. Did you know the U.S. Greeting Card Association estimates that approximately one billion valentines are sent each year worldwide, making the day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year behind Christmas. Who does all of that counting?

Finding the right Valentine’s Day gift is probably the most difficult shopping experience in a guy’s life. After all this is the “Day of Love”.
After a few years I am all out of ideas. I did the flowers thing, then there was the candy year. Last year was the stuffed teddy bear. Two years before that it was the teddy bear with candy. That one was good – I sure know how to pick candy. Jewelry was a winner but I can’t do that this year I need to save that one for her birthday.

Oh, I give up – I guess it will be flowers this year!

Say it with flowers

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