I was able to view some of the inquisition that the Congressional House Financial Services Subcommittee held with the head of AIG, Mr. Libby. A little history first. The government asked Mr. Libby to come out of retirement and help manage AIG and work to wind down all of the bad debt and recoup the taxpayer’s money. Mr. Libby answered the call, came out of retirement and is working for one dollar – $1. Oh, by the way, Mr. Libby had nothing to do with the AIG problems and never worked there.

You might ask what’s his reward from the Congress for his service in trying to manage this AIG mess, which no one in the administration is eager to touch? Well, he was treated like dirt at the hands of a bunch of pompous, sanctimonious, incompetent congressmen and women. Here we had the biggest grandstanding bunch of phonies that the congress could muster together. Some of these windbags bragged how they were former lawyers and wonder how such contracts could be written. Hello, that’s what lawyers do for a living, write confusing and stupid contracts.

It’s time that someone investigates these congressmen and women in their utter incompetence and their negligence in this AIG mess. After the hearing it was revealed that Christopher Dodd, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee and one of the prominent faces of the Democratic Party, is scrambling to explain how a loophole ended up in $787 billion legislation that allowed the condemned bonuses to go forward.

A clause in the $787 billion economic stimulus plan approved by Congress in February capped bonuses for executives at companies getting federal bailout aid. A one-paragraph provision tucked into the thick bill modified the cap to apply it only to future bonuses, not those that might have already been legally contracted. This had the effect of allowing the $165 million in American International Group Inc bonuses to go forward. Voila, the villain in this “Bonusgate” is exposed. It’s Chris Dodd and all of the members of congress that voted for this stimulus bill that they didn’t have time to read.

It’s time to impeach, recall and term limit the Congress for failing the people of the United States.

The Post office is $2.8 billion in the red. The U.S. Postal Service considers cutting delivery service in the face of dwindling mail volume and rising costs. The price of a first-class stamp will rise to 44 cents on May 11, 2009.What’s the reaction to all of this? The postmaster general received a big pay raise and a performance bonus last year, all authorized by Congress. Postmaster General John Potter’s base salary climbed to $265,000 last year from $186,000 in 2007. He also received a performance bonus of $135,000. In all his total compensation – salary, bonuses, retirement benefits and other perks topped $850,000, according to a spokesman with the U.S. Postal Service.

The President and other’s in congress talk about private corporations being out of touch. How about our representatives in Washington. The ones that are not millionaires, soon become millionaires after they leave office. These government servents are putting us all into debt forever. Perhaps they should take pay cuts and the millionaire congressmen can work for $1 dollar a year in salary.

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Democratic senators Debbie Stabenow, Tom Harkin and Chuck Schumer and others are gearing up to support hearings on “radio accountability” in something called the “Fairness Doctrine”. Government legislating into law control of the programs that free radio stations can broadcast.

Let me repeat that again because it is the next big step toward “Socialism in America” – Government plans to legislate into law control of the programs free radio stations can broadcast. Government controlling the radio – If that isn’t Socialism then nothing is!

These sneaky leftist leaning democrats have the audacity to call it “Fairness”. This is a classic and premeditated misuse of the English language. When did taking away your freedom to listen to whatever you want become Fair?
That’s the plan. They want to mandate and control media (radio) programming. If they control the people’s opinion and perceptions, they remain in power forever.

Our freedom of speech, protected by the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights, is one of our most basic constitutional rights. Tell everyone, friends, family but especially your congressman and senator that you are against the “Fairness Doctrine” or anything like it.

Today, February 10, 2009 the Senate passed a combination $838 billion stimulus and pork bill. How did the Stock Market respond? Would you believe with a -381.99 point drop! Apparently the financial markets know a “stinker of a bill” better than our clueless Senators.

numbersDo you ever wonder how the government gets those numbers that they come up with?

Example: 3 to 4 million jobs saved or created by the Stimulus bill. If you are like me I am a little skeptical about any numbers coming from Washington.

Do they use a special “governmental crystal ball”? Maybe, they sure act like magicians pulling money out of a hat.

Where is the Excel spreadsheet with the individual jobs and the final totals that add up to 3 or 4 million? – Doesn’t exist

The answer is plain and simple – they make those numbers up. They are not based on any factual information. Washington does not work on factual information. Be serious! The government will guess, wag, hypothesize, and generally produces “out of thin air” numbers to justify whatever they want.

After all the Government’s Motto is “That’s why they invented Numbers, so we could manipulate them”. If you trust any of these numbers coming out of this “Stimulus” sideshow in Washington then you are ready to buy some pristine ocean front property in sunny Phoenix Arizona.

Shout Out to Senator Tom Coburn – “Good Job” on your “Pork Report” on what Washington politicians, lobbyists and bureaucrats are spending our tax dollars. With all the problems we have in the country, its hard to imagine how our elected officials can still support this waste. Oh, I forgot, they are politicians with deep pockets.

It seems that every election cycle we are faced with a selection of the “lesser of two evils” when we need to select a candidate for office. People become polarized and revert to their party affiliation – Democrat or Republican. Many of the candidates on either side of the political spectrum have good qualities but we are blinded to those qualities because our party affiliation will not allow us to see the good on the other side. Too bad we can’t combine those qualities into one super candidate.

We need to loose those labels of Republican or Democrat and just search out the best candidate from a pool of qualified people all belonging to one party. We can call them “Demopublicans” or maybe “Repubocrats”. It is a sad commentary on how many voters simply buy into the political stereotypes that have been perpetuated over the years and do not even bother to really listen to the other side.