Nadya Suleman has been criticized for having eight babies through in vitro fertilization when she already had six children, all under the age of eight years old.

The women’s newly hired publicist reports that the Californian woman who gave birth to the octuplets has been showered with book and TV offers.

The publicist said the mother was weighing the offers, adding that raising eight children is expensive. Dah ! That has to be the understatement of the century. Raising the 6 children that she already had should have given her a clue that it is expensive raising kids. Of course that assumes that she is of sound mind.

Let’s recap: Single mom, 6 kids already by in vitro goes out and delivers 8 more kids by in vitro, hires publicist, reviews book and TV offers – You decide, Sane, Insane or sly like a fox?