clowndWith makeup and costumer, Dan Bonner becomes Dapper Dan, a clown with a brilliant red nose, a crushed beaver hat and a black makeup beard offsetting a huge kidney-bean patch of pancake white around his mouth that can be a frown or a smile with the change of a facial expression. He has entertained generations of people at the Great Allentown Fair, Agri-Hall expo shows and Allentown’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.

On Sunday, he’ll participate in the Allentown’s St. Patrick’s Day parade for the 50th consecutive year, this time as Grand Marshall.

Thanks for making us laugh all these years Dapper Dan.

PS. Retirement isn’t a word Dan Bonner wants to hear, even at 85. He’s still planning on entertaining crowds at next year’s Allentown Fair, which will be his 34th Fair appearance.

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