Remember when college meant something. You studied hard, visited the school library everyday, burned the midnight oil, and yes even crammed for that test. WOW, those were the good old days.

Well, times they are a-changin! A recent study by the researchers at University of California-Irvine found that a third of the students surveyed said they expect a “B” just for attending lectures, and 40% say they deserve a “B” just for completing the required reading.

One University senior commented, “I think putting in a lot of effort should merit a high grade. I mean, what else is there really than effort that you put in?”

Another student said, “If one goes to class and reads every chapter in the book and then does everything the teacher asked and more, then they should be getting an “A” for their effort”.

Back in the old days we worked and put in effort to get a “result”. Some of us got an “A” result, some of us a “B” result, some of us a “C” result and some even got a “F” result. We all put in some effort. Some of us just learned more from our effort. And that’s the magic of education. You get graded for what you learn and the results you produce not just the effort.

Employers want and need workers that can lean their jobs and produce results not just put in an effort. American industry is in for some hard times if the future work force just shows up and puts in some marginal effort!

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