5 Basic Career Builder Tips for the over-50 job hunter:

Tip #1: You need to get noticed and here is how to do it …

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We can’t stress enough the importance of getting to the interview. Next to getting the job itself, this should be an important goal of yours. Phone interviews are not a good idea, a face to face is much better. If you get an initial phone interview tell the caller that you are just on your way out to an appointment but that you can stop by and drop off a resume that same day.

When you first meet the interviewer, stress your experience and maturity. You should think of age and experience as a plus and sell it before the issue is even raised. Remember, you can’t sell yourself until you get a face to face meeting with the prospective employer.

It is extremely important to meet key people, so network, network, and network some more. If you are reluctant to use personal contacts, get over it now. I am sure that your friends and associates will help you if asked.

==> Job hunting techniques and resources.