Cleaning your Computer, Mouse

Computers can become very dirty and dusty because of the static. You can cut static by wiping the exterior of your monitor and the surrounding wires and pieces with a cloth dampened with vinegar. Vinegar will de-static these pieces thus preventing dust from clinging.

A half and half mix of ammonia and water or vinegar and water can clean the dirtiest portions of your keyboard. This mixture will get the grease up that has accumulating from your skin. Using alcohol with a cotton ball or q-tip on your keyboard can give an even more thorough cleaning.

If your mouse ball is not running as smoothly as it once did, then it’s time for a cleaning. You will find that it has become clogged with dust. Underneath the mouse you can slide the ball cover counter clockwise and release the ball. You will see several rollers that help the ball to run. Remove the dust on these rollers with a pair of tweezers and blow clean. You can also use alcohol on a smooth cloth to clean the rollers. Once reassembled you will find that the mouse runs smooth again.