All you need is a good dose of Self-esteem. No, make that an overdose of self-esteem.

Parents remember to praise every little thing that your child does whether they deserve it or not. That will definetely bolster their self-esteem.

Reward and applaud everything they do even if it is not a true accomplishments. This is sure to turn them into an obnoxious adult.

Coddle and overprotect your child at every turn. Take your child’s side on every matter, what does that nasty old teacher know anyway, my little Johnny is an angel.

Set limits for your children, it will make you feel good but you don’t really have to enforce them. It’s much better being a pushover for your child.

When the kids do something wrong always warn them one, two, three, four or more times and just walk away. That will give them strong self confidence.

Mom and Dad definitely do not teach them any manners because this will stifle their creativity. It is much better to let them run wild.

Let you child’s impulses run wild. Do not try to control them and definitely do not teach them to respect the rights of others. After all its all about them isn’t it.

Opinion Corner – Self esteem overload is running amuck.

Recent research suggests that “more” may not be better when it comes to children and there self-esteem. In the 1990’s self-esteem was a big buzzword in parenting books and educational environments. School districts stressed the importance of “high self esteem” in order to become a successful well balanced individual. They likewise believed that “low self esteem” would lead to problems, poor performance and even crime.

Today, far too many parents are devoted to the idea that children need high self-esteem. These high esteem goals plus over parenting have lead too a generation of kids whose sense of entitlement far exceeds their actual abilities.

Self-esteem certainly is important but we have developed a misguided notion that we as parents must continually reward and praise our kids.
The current research supports the premise that high-self esteem can lead to narcissism, bullying, more drug and alcohol abuse.

Parents, keep it simple and don’t go overboard. Help your kids with everyday tasks as they grow up. Complement them when necessary. Only reward and applaud true accomplishments, Do not praise ever little thing that they do. Set limits and stick to them – don’t cave in when they fall short and remind them that there are consequences for all our actions.