Peeps – Deep Fried. Yummy? Stop by “Pizza Snobz” pizza shop, 2300 Butler St. in Wilson for Free taste. Owner David Barker is a Fry-master.
Barker will also be on TV this Friday, April 3, 2009 on Fox 29’s “Good Morning Philadelphia” to deep-fry chocolate pound cake.

Philadelphia Phillies – 162 games on television

All 162 games for the 2009 season will be televised and available in high definition. Comcast Sports net will televise 107 games, WPHL TV will show 45 games, FOX has 8 games scheduled, ESPN 1 game and Comcast Network 1 game. Opening day is April 5, 2009. Every game will also be on WPHT – 1210 AM. Each game will also be broadcast on the Spanish Baseball Network – 1480 AM.

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tv1“Reality TV” at first glance seems like a mindless waste of time but on closer observation it truly is a boring, and uesless squandering of your time. Perhaps someone can explain to us the entertainment value or informative benefit of these half hour or hour long journeys into the mundane, and trivial escapades of perfect strangers who are looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

Attention TV producers, directors and anyone else in the television industry, we are begging you to bring back television of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The golden age of television that was both entertaining and informative. Please bring back the variety shows that entertained us, the comedy sitcoms that made us laugh, the westerns and adventure shows that helped us learn, and the science fiction programs that caused us to think.

Enough of reality television and the stupid antics of dull and boring strangers!