Dorney Park opens May 2, 2009 with “Possessed”, a steel scream machine that sends riders, suspended in harnesses, up the spiral prong of a ”U” at 50 mph and then drops them down the other side.

This ride actually made it’s debut last year as “Voodoo”. The name was changed from “Voodoo” to “Possessed” because of some controversy with Six Flags amusement park company.

Six Flags “Voodoo” opened in 1998 at Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s not a coaster however. Dorney’s “Voodoo” was hailed as “the first suspended linear induction impulse coaster in the Northeast” when it opened May 17, 2008. The ride has no chain or motor, and is powered with ”induction force,” which relies strictly on magnets.

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