Car Road trips / Car traveling tips

Tips – Checklist for that upcoming Car Trip:
• Plan ahead – Pack the night before you hit the road. Try to travel on off peak-times to avoid heavy traffic.

• Safety Concerns – Keep small children off of your lap in the car and always buckle up. Children are safest in the back seat of the car wearing seat belts or in federally approved child safety or booster seats.

• Be Comfortable – Pack the car before you put the kids in and make sure they have plenty of room. It is a good idea to stop every two hours to let passengers and driver stretch their legs. Keep the kids dressed in comfortable clothes with good walking shoes. Be prepared for weather changes by taking along some sweaters or raincoats. Oh yes, do not forget your small child’s favorite pillow or blanket.

• Be prepared – Keep a photo ID of the kids in your wallet in case they get lost in a crowded area. Children should always remain under direct supervision, especially at rest stops. You know how fast those kids are, it only takes a second for a child to be lost.

• Entertainment for the kids – toys, books, puzzles, portable travel games, CDs and cassettes can help pass the time. Play games to help pass the time. Remember the classic car game – How many license plates have you seen from different states?

• Bring snacks and drinks. Nutritious snacks and beverages are best. Don’t forget the napkins, wet wipes, travel-size packets of tissue and plastic trash bags.

• Emergency kit is a good idea – pack one first aid kit for the passengers and another for the car. Items to include in your car emergency kit: jumper cables, jack and spare tire, extra motor oil, antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, a flashlight with fresh batteries, blanket, small snow shovel, ice scraper, brush for snow removal, de-icer, cell phone, some non-perishable food, bottled water or juices, motor club membership card and a list of emergency phone numbers.

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