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Tips – Checklist before you leave on the Cruise that you deserve:

• Know what type of I.D. you will be required to present before you go on that cruise, remember that identification requirements vary with every trip.

• Notify the cruise line of any special dietary restrictions or requests about 60 days prior to departure.

• Leave copies of your passport, airline tickets, traveler’s cheques and contact information with a friend or family member back home.

• It may be necessary to bring proof of immunizations with you for access to certain countries.

• Travelers who suffer from motion sickness should check with your doctor for the necessay medications to take along.

• Call to confirm your flight at least 24 hours prior to departure.

• Have your doctor write up a brief medical history for you when you travel just to be safe.

• Verify that all your cruise information is correct when you receive the documents in the mail prior to departure

• Give yourself sufficient time for check-in, security and departure. Two hours prior to sailing is a good rule of thumb.

• Check with the cruise line as to what the cabin voltage is onboard. You may need to take an adaptor along.

• Cruise lines may send an onboard credit card application form with your tickets. Complete the form beforehand and bring it with you when you check-in.

• Some cruise lines allow you to complete your immigration and embarkation forms online. Check with your cruise line if that option is available.

• Make sure you get a receipt when you hand over your passport upon boarding.

• Guidebooks and internet information on your ports of call prior to departure will greatly enrich your journey.